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Pressure Washer Quick Couplers

High-pressure quick connect hose fittings are designed to rapidly connect hoses, guns, and other accessories, creating a tight and secure seal to prevent water leaks or pressure loss. Browse our select range of water hose quick connectors, M22 quick couplers, adapters, seals, and plugs from leading brands like Legacy and A+. 


Quick couplers are most often used to attach your hose to accessories like guns and surface cleaners, but they can be used at any junction that hoses typically thread into  other components. Couplers are not limited to the high pressure end - We even offer garden hose quick couplers to quickly connect your machine to your water source.

And, of course, Quick connect fittings are used to attach accessories like foamers and nozzles to your gun or lance as well.

While Brass is generally cheaper, stainless will last longer as it is more durable, and resists corrosion better than brass. Stainless is also a bit lighter, and safe for food-grade applications.

3 of the most common O-ring materials are EPDM, Viton , and Buna.

Buna, also known as nitrile rubber, is the most common due to its low cost. It performs well in commercial applications, and can handle up to 210 degrees fahrenheit.

EPDM is known for its wide operational temperature range, and is chemically resistant. EPDM’s rated temperature range is -45°F to 210°F.

Viton, the most expensive of the three, is the best choice for high temperature applications, rated to withstand up to 300 degrees fahrenheit. Viton also is popular for its ability to resist degradation and corrosion from chemicals and acids, meaning this material will keep a quality seal for a long time, no matter your application.

It depends on how often you want to replace it. Trusting that your seal won't fail during high pressure applications is important to minimise downtimes.

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