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Pressure Washer Guns

Choose from popular styles of spray guns including standard trigger guns, open guns, and dump guns from top brands such as Legacy, A+, and more.

Trigger guns are the most popular style of power washer sprayers, and are operated simply by squeezing the pistol-style trigger to release pressurized water. Dump guns and weep guns are great options for self-service car wash stations. Open guns do not contain a trigger or unloader valve, making them an excellent option for steam applications.

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Not all pressure washer guns are the same. It is important to consider the pressure, temperature, and connection type of your machine in order to purchase the right gun for you. 

For a deep dive on the different types of pressure washer guns, features, and specs, read the pressure washer gun guide.

After making sure the specs and connection type of the gun is compatible with your machine, consider ergonomic features like easy pull triggers, integrated swivels, barrel-to-grip angles and chemical resistant seals.

We have a wide range of nozzles and attachments for all pressure washing needs, but make sure to use a lance to distance yourself from the spraying end of your gun. Our range of QC spray nozzles and rotary nozzles are powerful additions to the end of a lance, while our foamers and specialty surface cleaners are great tools for more specialized cleaning applications.

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To further your reach to avoid backspray and tackle hard to reach areas, we have a wide range of pressure washer lances for all applications.

Click to view our offering of pressure washer lances, or

Find the right lance for you with our lance buying guide.

The minimum PSI you should look for will depend on your machine, so make sure the gun you choose can handle the pressure output of your pressure washer. Many of our guns can handle 5000 PSI, which will work for most all high pressure professional cleaning setups. The max pressure rating should always be listed on the gun itself.

Our professional grade trigger guns will typically come with threaded connections, usually a 3/8" FPT inlet and a 1/4" FPT outlet. You can either screw your hose directly into your gun, or use our quick connect fittings for easy connection/disconnection while maintaining a strong seal.

Most lances will come with 1/4" threaded ends, so you can either screw your lance directly into your gun, or use our quick connect fittings to easily swap between your lance, surface cleaner, foamer, and more.

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