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Pressure Washer Hoses & Hose Reels

Browse our range of hoses and hose reels, essential tools for efficient and convenient water management in various pressure washer applications.

Our Pressure Washer Hoses are trusted for their ability to withstand the challenging conditions typical in professional applications. We have various options for length, ID, and PSI ratings.

To extend the life of your hose, Hose Reels are critical in managing long hose lengths without kinks or damage. We offer hose reels in multiple designs and options. Featuring reliable models by industry-leading brands, Legacy and A+.


It ultimately depends on your application, but as a general rule of thumb, operators will benefit by choosing the shortest hose they can get away with. Longer hoses are harder to work with due to weight and increased friction, and they may cause a pressure drop over long distances. Remember, if you are on the fence about which length to get, you can always add a length of hose with quick couplers. For personalized assistance, reach out to your local dealer expert.

Consider hoses with Quick Coupler (QC) ends for easy connections, swivel ends for easier maneuverability and to prevent kinking, and non-marking hoses if you are concerned about leaving marks on surfaces.

Non-marking hoses have a softer, lighter colored outer coating that prevents them from leaving marks on surfaces, making them particularly ideal for use on warehouse floors or when using surface cleaners. However, they may not last as long as standard hoses.

Wrapped hoses are durable and ideal for tough environments. Smooth hoses pick up less dirt and are easier to clean, but may be more difficult to drag across certain surfaces. Non-marking hoses prevent marks but have a softer outer coating, so they may not last as long. Choose based on your specific needs and working conditions.