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Pressure Washer Guns & Lances

Browse our selection of pressure washer spray guns, lances, and accessories. Featuring durable models from industry leaders Legacy and A+. We also offer repair kits to restore your equipment.

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A pressure washer gun is your primary interface with your machine, using a trigger to control water flow and actuation, while lances are metal tubes that attach to the front of the gun to extend your reach. Though these are often integrated into one unit in consumer grade machines, pro grade guns and lances are usually separate components, allowing you to further hone in your spraying setup for your specific application.

The right gun for you will depend on the specs of your machine and your use case. Use our guide to determine the right gun for you, or reach out to your local dealer expert for personalized assistance.

You can only use guns built for high temp applications in a hot water system - standard pressure washer guns are not designed to handle the heat. If you have a hot water system, look for guns rated to handle at least 300° F.

Connection type and temperature ratings are important to consider when purchasing. 

Commercial grade pressure washer guns typically feature a ⅜  inch threaded inlet connection, which will be compatible with any hose with a  ⅜ inch threaded end. If you want to run QC ends, our adapters will get you set up. Most lances have ¼ inch threaded ends, and will screw directly into the front of your gun. 

If you run a hot water pressure washer, you will need a gun compatible with the heat. Most of our guns are rated for up to 300° F, plenty for most all hot water systems. Steam applications will require more heat resistance, where many recommended guns are able to handle 350° F or higher.

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