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The Professional's Guide to Pressure Washer Guns

The Professional's Guide to Pressure Washer Guns

Pressure washer guns serve as the primary interface between you and the powerful cleaning capabilities of your machine, allowing for precise control and efficient cleaning.

With numerous options and specifications to consider, choosing the right replacement gun can indeed feel overwhelming.

But fear not! In this guide we will explore:

  • The various types of pressure washer guns available
  • Steps for determining compatibility with your pressure washer, and
  • Important features to consider when shopping for your next pressure washer gun.

Any questions? Remember, our dealer experts are a call away.


Types of Pressure Washer Guns

Whether your business specializes in cleaning outdoor surfaces, washing vehicles, or maintaining equipment, choosing the right pressure washer gun can make all the difference in achieving professional-level results. Let's look at the various types of pressure washer guns and their different uses. 

Trigger Gun:

The standard trigger gun is the most common type of pressure washer gun, featuring a trigger mechanism that controls the flow of water. It offers ease of use and precise control, making it suitable for use in conjunction with a range of accessories and nozzles for a large range of cleaning tasks like auto detailing, cleaning decks and patios, and removing stains and grime from concrete.

Open Gun:

Unlike trigger guns, open guns do not have a trigger mechanism. Instead, the user typically uses a separate lever or valve to control the water flow. Professionals prefer this design for tasks that require cleaning over long periods. In our experience, open guns are often used in heavy-duty and steam-cleaning applications due to their design.

Dump Gun:

Dump guns are designed to automatically release excess pressure when the trigger is opened, preventing pressure buildup in the pump. They do this by allowing water to continually run through the gun even when the trigger is released. This makes them ideal for equipment without an unloader system, where a standard trigger gun would cause pump failure due to pressure buildup. If you need a gun for a self service car wash, this is a great option as the design prevents water freezing in the lines during winter months.

Weep Gun:

Weep guns are another great option to combat the issue of frozen water in your lines. They feature a small opening that allows water to trickle out when the trigger is disengaged. This also helps disperse heat and reduce pump wear if it is running continuously in a bypass mode. 

How To Determine Compatibility

When picking the right gun for you, the next important consideration is your pressure washer's GPM, PSI, and temperature specifications. Failing to measure these specs may set you up with a gun that has not been manufactured to handle the conditions of your machine. Before you start shopping, consider the following:


Water Temperature:

For hot water pressure washers, it's vital to select a pressure washer gun capable of handling high temperatures. While most professional-grade guns can withstand temperatures of at least 140° Fahrenheit, verify that the gun's heat resistance matches the temperature capabilities of your hot water pressure washer to avoid melted seals or serious burns. Guns designed for hot water applications should be rated for 300° or more.


It's essential to verify that the spray gun can withstand the specific pressure output of your pressure washer, so make sure you purchase a gun that can handle the output of your unit. Most models we offer can handle pressures up to 5000 PSI, but be aware that some models are designed for lower-pressure applications.


Like with pressure, make sure your replacement gun can handle the flow rate of your pressure washer, measured in gallons per minute (GPM). Ensuring compatibility in flow rates helps maintain consistent performance and prevents damage to the gun or pressure washer system.

Consumer grade spray guns are designed for lower flow rates - so an inferior gun will bottleneck professional machines.


What good is a gun if it won't connect with your pressure washer? The industry standard size of the inlet port for commercial grade pressure washer guns is typically 3/8"FPT, while the outlet port size for trigger guns is usually 1/4"FPT. Most users won't have to worry here- but if your pressure washer is a consumer-grade machine or your hose has M22 twist type ends, this is something you will need to pay particular attention to ensure a proper fit.

Features to Consider

Now that you have narrowed your search to replacement guns compatible with your machine, let's take a look at some important features to consider. These features can increase operator comfort, lengthen the longevity of our equipment, and increase the overall user experience.

Ergonomic Design & Light Pull Triggers:

An ergonomic trigger design is essential for comfortable and efficient operation during prolonged use. Look for pressure washer guns with contoured handles and easy-to-reach triggers that minimize hand fatigue and strain.

When operators struggle with fatigue and soreness from operating a spray gun for too long, we like to recommend the Legacy Best gun. The comfort molded handle and light pull trigger makes this one of the most comfortable on the market.

Material Quality:

The quality of materials used in a pressure washer gun directly impacts its durability and performance. Opt for guns constructed from high-quality materials like brass or stainless steel, which are robust, corrosion-resistant, and capable of withstanding harsh cleaning environments. This is particularly important if you plan to use chemicals or detergents in conjunction with your pressure washer, as inferior materials may degrade over time, compromising the integrity of the gun.

Speaking of material quality, the materials used to connect your equipment is just as important as the gun itself. If you will need a fitting or adapter to connect your new gun to your hose, you can browse our collection of high quality fittings here.


Consider the weight of the pressure washer gun, as it can significantly influence user comfort and maneuverability. Lightweight guns are preferable for extended cleaning sessions, as they reduce fatigue and strain on the user's arms and shoulders. 

Built-in Swivels:

Is mobility important in your application? Pressure washer guns equipped with a built-in swivel offer enhanced flexibility as the gun can rotate freely, preventing hose tangles. Swivel-fitted guns are great for car wash applications for this reason, as they allow for much easier maneuverability than standard trigger guns.


Cost is an important factor to consider, but when it comes to professional applications, we recommend investing in high quality equipment designed to last. Cheaply-made guns are more prone to failure, which can lead to downtime, safety concerns, and interruptions in your business operations. Investing in a quality pressure washer gun ensures long-term reliability and minimizes the risk of costly repairs or replacements, ultimately preserving the efficiency and profitability of your business.

For cost-conscious operators, the A+ line of trigger guns is a fantastic option for models with professional-grade performance at a value-conscious price. These guns punch above their weight in terms of performance and reliability, making them an ideal choice for those seeking efficiency and affordability. For the best bang for your buck, check out the A+ value line here.

For operators who prioritize top-of-the-line quality and reliability, the Legacy brand of pressure washer guns is our go-to. Legacy guns are built to withstand rigorous use and deliver consistent results, even in demanding professional environments. You can view the lineup of Legacy products here.


Now you should be equipped with all you need to know to purchase your next spray gun! Click here to browse our lineup of pressure washer guns.

If you're still unsure which gun is right for you, don't hesitate to contact your local dealer for personalized assistance from one of our pressure washer experts. Don’t waste time on the wrong part for you - your dealer will answer any questions and ensure you find the right fit, every time.

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