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Trigger-Control Spray Lances

Excellent for low-pressure chemical applications up to 150 PSI. Available in either plastic or brass-lance tube. Works well with neutral, alkaline or mild acid solutions.

• Steel trigger and service wrench
• Plastic valve body
• Brass needle plunger
• Filter screen in nozzle housing
• Cone nozzle adjusts 0-80°
• 24" lance – brass or plastic
• Standard 11/16" outlet thread for standard low-pressure nozzle
• Accepts the adjustable cone nozzles or standard tip-jet nozzles (11/16" nozzle thread)

Option: Brass without Nozzle
  • Part No: 8.902-777.0
SKU 8.902-777.0

* Please note part number for reference when contacting your local dealer.