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Proportioner Float Valve Systems - Aqua Master™ Model 440 L

Liquid level proportioning controls - automatically maintain drum level and chemical concentration. The Aqua Master automatically maintains a desired level of proportioned mixture in a drum, tank or other type reservoir.
Magnetically activated "snap acting" float valves provide full water flow to activate the chemical proportioners. There are two basic sizes to give a choice of water flows as shown in the table below. Chemical feed rate is adjusted by metering screw or threaded metering tips. The compact 440 float valve is made of Celcon® plastic and is easily accessible for field maintenance.
Liquid-level proportioning controls are available in two flow capacities, 4.0 and 22.0 GPM at 50 PSI. Either size can be used with or without a proportioner. The proportioner allows chemical to be inducted while the valve is open.
All models, except as noted, are equipped w ith siphon breakers to prevent backflow into the fresh water line. The proportioner discharge is provided with means for attaching a hose or piece for under water feeding to minimize sudsing.

Option: 440-23BT
  • Part No: 8.710-525.0
  • Capacity: 12 Oz. / Gal of 1 CPS Fuild (ie Viscosity of Water)
  • Description: Proportioning Valve 4 GPM Flow at 50 PSI Medium Capacity

* Please note part number for reference when contacting your local dealer.