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Legacy Undercarriage Cleaner

No more crawling under a vehicle. Effortlessly wash away damaging debris from the bottom of your vehicle with the easy to handle and maneuver Legacy Undercarriage Cleaner. Simply connect to your hot or cold water pressure washer to remove road grime, fuel and oil contaminants, snow sludge, and ice. The stainless-steel rotating nozzle assembly requires a 5.5" under vehicle clearance. Includes Four Nozzles: (2) 0° #2.0 (2) 25° #2.0.

  • Part No: 8.749-303.0
  • Temperature: 250°F
  • PSI: 4000
  • GPM Max: 10.5
SKU 8.749-303.0

* Please note part number for reference when contacting your local dealer.