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Legacy Pump - HFR Series

Introducing the Legacy Pump - HFR Series, the most durable pump on the market with a slew of upgrades over previous models. Crafted over years of rigorous research and development, this pump stands out among high-pressure pumps. Premium, long-life components and innovative design features ensure it holds up exceptionally well in rugged working conditions.

Model No.: HFR40FR
  • Part No: 8.751-677.0
  • PSI: 4100
  • GPM: 10.5
  • Shaft: 40 mm
  • RPM: 1450
  • Inlet: 1" Inlet
  • Outlet: 3/4" Outlet
  • Temperature: 149°F
  • Weight (lbs.): 106
  • HP: 28.7
  • Drive: Belt

* Please note part number for reference when contacting your local dealer.