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Legacy HDL Series Pump Rebuild Kits

Pump part kits for your Legacy HDL Pump:

  • Check Valve Kit
  • Plunger Rod Oil Seal Kit
  • Water Seal(s) ONLY kit
  • Water Seal(s) Brass Ring Kit
  • Valve Cap Kit
*Image is for illustration purposes only, and does not reflect the actual contents of the kits.
  • Check Valve Kit: 8.703-492.0
  • Plunger Rod Oil Seal Kit (OBSOLETE): 8.703-461.0
  • Water Seal(s) ONLY kit: 8.900-703.0
  • Water Seal(s) Brass Ring Kit: 8.703-494.0
  • Valve Cap Kit: 8.703-493.0

* Please note part number for reference when contacting your local dealer.