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Industrial Wall-Mount / Cabinet Chemical Sprayer

Excellent pre-prep chemical applicator. Trigger control, demand flow, wall-mount cabinet, enclosed pump unit pulls chemical from a bulk tank and delivers it through 100' lightweight hose for low-pressure stream/cone or mist application. Operator simply squeezes trigger for instant application.

• Diaphragm pump units
• Wall-mount / cabinet sprayer
• Choice of 12V DC or 110V DC
• 100' Hose
• Adjustable nozzle for cone mist to straight stream
• Durable Santoprene and Viton wetted Parts

Note: These units are designed to withstand many harsh chemicals. However, because compounds and concentrations of materials pumped through these units are beyond the manufacturer's control, the manufacturer does not provide a warranty on the wet-end of the pump.

Motor: 115V AC
  • Part No: 8.906-090.0
  • PSI: 60
  • GPM: 1.15

* Please note part number for reference when contacting your local dealer.