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Car Wash Reflex Booms - 180° Wall Mount

Introducing our 180° Wall Mount Car Wash Reflex Booms, available in three models: the 5' 6" for cars and the 8' and 10' for trucks. Crafted with a durable stainless-steel boom arm, these booms provide superior flexibility and longevity. Each unit includes a 3/8" FPT inlet/outlet hose, ensuring easy installation and efficient water flow. Perfect for any car wash setup, our Reflex Booms offer reliable performance and seamless operation.

  • Prevent tangled hoses
  • Increase mobility around vehicles
  • Increase hose life
  • 3/8" FPT inlet/oulet hose included
Option: 5' 6" Boom
  • Part No: 8.903-620.0
  • PSI: 3000
  • Length: 5' 6"
SKU 8.903-620.0

* Please note part number for reference when contacting your local dealer.